What Is It?

Infrared saunas are known as Waon treatment or infrared therapy and uses infrared heaters for the purpose of emitting infrared radiation experienced as infrared heat that is absorbed into the human body. The heat is then released in waves that are felt as hot air and conduction by the surrounding surfaces of the sauna unit.

The basic principle behind the use of infrared sauna therapy is that the human body, being a living thing, contains cells. The human body consists of cells that produce perspiration, absorb infrared radiation and also excrete perspiration. Besides an infrared sauna therapy, get the best hot yoga saunas here.

When the heat produced by the heating unit reaches the skin it changes its color from red to green and opens up pathways in the blood stream. The perspiration, in turn, is then carried away through these pathways and released into the circulatory system. This results in a more relaxed state of mind.

Other benefits of this kind of therapy are increased oxygenation and circulation within the body’s ability to transport nutrients and waste materials to the liver. It also helps in clearing the kidneys and helping to regulate the metabolism and normalize the temperature of the blood. Additionally, it helps in relaxing the muscles of the body and promotes good lymphatic circulation.

In an infrared sauna treatment, the patient lies on his back in a sauna. His hands are placed on either side of his head and the feet resting on the floor of the sauna unit. He is covered in a towel and a warm air stream is sent into the room through the door.

Infrared sauna therapy has been widely used and found to be beneficial. A person who decides to go ahead with this method may benefit from a sauna session a couple of times a week, but those who regularly go for this therapy have reported a significant reduction in back pain as well as joint stiffness. Discover more about infrared sauna tents from our homepage.

Those who go for infrared sauna therapy can expect to feel the effects of the therapy in just about 30 minutes and the heat from the sauna session will stay on for approximately an hour. Those people who are prone to inflammation or allergies should refrain from going under the sauna unit because it can aggravate their condition. However, if you are one of the many people who suffer from inflammation or allergies, this treatment is ideal.

Sauna therapy is not recommended for people who are pregnant or lactating or for a couple of weeks due to the heat produced by the sauna. Infrared sauna treatments should only be undertaken by people who are free of any diseases and are of healthy health status. If you think you are in a health condition that requires this therapy then you should consult your doctor first.

Sauna therapy is not an instant cure for every ailment but it can be a great relief for a lot of ailments. For people who do not want to undergo medical procedures but still desire to achieve some relaxation, it is advisable to try an infrared sauna treatment. Get to read more about infrared saunas here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared_sauna.

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